Great Big Babies

I came across a epic case of ‘stunted growth’ last week on facebook, definitely caused by malnutrition. It was very late at night and I was doing something online, then this call came through from facebook and I ignored it because I didn’t recognize the caller I.D. After a while, the guy sent a message on Facebook asking me to send my phone number to him, I refused and he got mad and started raining insults.  I was mad, really mad, but I kept my cool and I just ignored him.

Then it got me thinking, though that guy is a grown up, he behaved like a little child. When we want something, and we don’t get it, how do we handle it, do we whine like babies or do we accept defeat wisely. No matter how grown up you seem on the outside, if you still whine in the face of rejection, if you cannot handle defeat, your case is that of stunted growth. You can’t have everything you want when you want it, so, my sincere advice as a friend is please GROW UP and stop tainting everyone with your annoying refusal to be a man!


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