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So I made a choice…it didn’t go so well. I blame myself for it. But the wrong choice I made doesn’t define me. At least, I tried and that’s all that matters…


I’m here to stay


So, I was posted to Onitsha for my primary assignment and I’m so excited…I’ve been accepted in my school and done all the necessary documentation and other stuff. For those that don’t know, Onitsha is a commercial city. It houses the largest open market in West Africa, so I think I’m gonna have to start selling something or what do you think? That’s by the way though. The real issue here is finding out why I’m here… Oh and I was posted to an Anglican mission school that’s also a only girls school. I’m supposed to teach the girls. What the subject is I don’t know yet…I guess for me, it’s almost all about learning. I don’t know what kind of teacher I’ll be but I’m confident that I can do all things through Christ. Most of the people we came here together have either relocated or about to. But I’m here to stay, so beware,  ’cause I ain’t going no where.