What has humanity turned into?

The things people give priority to in this country, nna ehn, it’s a very big wa!!! Pardon me if you don’t understand that but I’m in a raking mood tonight. I can’t believe a group of people with human feelings, not to talk of supposed caregivers decided to think that identity card is more important than human life.

I read about a young lady who was electrocuted just last week and was refused treatment in the University of Lagos health centre simply because she had no identity card. When things that aren’t supposed to matter do, and things that are supposed to matter suddenly become irrelevant, what then shall we say and do to these things!

So, now that the girl is dead, what then? I would like to know, how do they feel now, like hero’s? Do they feel guilty, or maybe the real question is this, do they even have any feelings at all?


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