clandestine • \klan-DES-tun\  • adjective
marked by, held in, or conducted with secrecy :surreptitious 


Frida Kahlo met Jose Bartoli in New York while she wasrecuperating from spinal surgery stemming from a busaccident in her youth. Theirclandestine correspondence lasted for three yearsaided by friendsand Kahlo’s sisterCristina, who had introduced the pair.”

— Gotham NewsApril 24, 2015

Did you know?
In 1658, the English poet John Milton wrote of “clandestine Hostility cover’d over with the name of peace.” Over three and a half centuries later we use clandestine in much the same way. The word is often used as a synonym of secret and covert, and it is commonly applied to actions that involve secrecy maintained for an evilillicit, or unauthorized purpose. It comes to us by way of Middle French from Latinclandestinus, which is itself from clammeaningsecretly.”


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