I am rebranding

It’s been a very long time, I know! But the truth is this, I’ve not been extremely busy that I couldn’t write, I just stopped writing for reasons I can’t explain. So here I was yesterday thinking about how we’re halfway through the year and all that. And then I thought “I haven’t really done anything with my blog this year, though I promised I would…”

I thought about how my blog can be more useful to my readers and since we all use words, I came up with an idea.

The idea: I want to add a new category to my posts called ‘my word a day’. Posts in this category will be taken from my dictionary which has a word for the day feature. Each day, a new word and it’s will be posted in this category.

I hope this will help my readers to learn new things from my blog each day and myself to be more committed to my blog. I hope you visit each day to check out new words and other contents.

See ya!!!


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