These lessons I have learnt over the years

In my little time here, I’ve been taught a number of things, some I learnt easily and others in the hard way.


It’s scary how the decisions we make can come back to haunt us. i have discovered that there is no responsibility in making decisions, the responsibility lies in being able to live with them. if we can live with our decisions and actions, we are responsible.


Life goes on whether with or without you can’t make that choice. What we do have a choice about is whether we want to go on with it or whether we want to stay right where we are.


If you don’t care about you, no one ever will. Loving people is a reflection that you are in love with you.


When certain people misbehave towards you, it’s not because you are a bad person or because you deserve it, it’s because some people are just unhappy and they want to infect others with their unhappiness.

#5 A person that hates you will not outrightly say it to you, he will act it, you have to come to that conclusion on your own. If he says it to you, you are extremely lucky.


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