Month: August 2012

with eyes closed

Have you ever tried to walk with your eyes closed? You might want to, cos I just did. And guess what? It was eye opening!!!

I believe that when the eyes are dormant or aren’t working, the sensitivity of the other senses become greatly heightened. I had the opportunity to spend some of my life with a blind man who happened to be my grandfather. Despite the fact that he was blind, he could do things I never even thought of doing. The fact that he could challenge me was amazing to me until one day when I learned one of the most important lessons of my life which I can summarize as this-it is not about one little part of the body, it is about the parts working together to form a whole. The fact that the eyes are closed does not necessarily mean that other parts will wind up useless.

In like manner, just as the eyes, nose e.t.c is just a little part of the whole body, we as individuals are just a little part of something large….

Think about it 



I’m not one to make excuses, I’m not one to place the blame on others, I’m not one to take the easy way out
I’m just a man trying to do the best I can
The greatest commandment is to love one another and even more love the Lord even better
when it’s all said and done, when the rainy day comes, take my hands and understand I’m human…
I’ve been thinking about where I went wrong, it’s keeping me awake at night all alone, but i realize underneath all of us are really just the same